Tribe ealing


Our service consists of digital and physical interfaces to fulfill our aims of access, connection, and awareness of the existing resources available to students. Tribe is a collection of interactions that gives students the opportunity to fully integrate into the local college and community.



The research

Ealing Council asked us to create a service solution that tackles the ever increasing issue of Loneliness within London. After conducting in-depth research with Ealing Council, we identified that young new arrivals aged 16-24 often arrive alone with no family and friends. This demographic tends to arrive from countries such as Somalia, Pakistan, Estonia and Kazakhstan; leaving them with a complete culture shock upon arrival. All of these factors contribute to their loneliness.

Consequently, they lack the necessary support to fully integrate into their colleges and communities, increasing their vulnerability significantly. Currently, due to funding cuts, the West London College support system lacks the pastoral care to meet all student needs,  with only 1 counsellor for every 4,800 students.



Channels and props

The tribe Ealing app enables information in  different languages making it easier for Young New Arrivals to understand the support structures, activities and opportunities around them. Also allows then to connect directly with people within the West London College community and people from the local community.


We realised that they were loads of community assets around West London College and if we were able to provide a direct connection to them, young new arrivals could be more integrated not only to the university but also in the community. 

“Loneliness exists in many ways. In my perspective the whole loneliness of Young New Arrivals is from lack of communication. 

Young People need the right level of English Language, but we need to support that transition. 

In my own terms, that is the main need, And that’s what I like about your service”. 

Mohamoud Aden
Ealing Connexiones