Laboratorio de Innovaci√≥n y emprendimiento, Universidad de Chile. 

I successfully designed the first grid of services in Openlab that was built to strengthen the capabilities of scientific and technologic innovation and undertaking among the students of the Faculty.  In order to generate an effective transfer of the intellectual and scientific knowledge from the university to the society.  The design was implemented on May 2016 and it is in its pilot stage, currently supporting over 50 initiatives of students and teachers.



The Research

I developed a qualitative research to understand how the students perceived and valued innovation and undertaking in the Faculty and which were the requirements needed to foster such findings.


I organized and led the co-creation stage consisting of 6 sessions with various stakeholders, using different instruments including but not limited to Role Playing, Rapid Prototyping, lego serious play.  The result was the joint definition of the laboratory identity and the first service lines



The articulation

Based upon the understanding of the available resources, I proposed the first four laboratory development areas, defining objectives, processes, owners, indicators and activities for each one of them.  The objective of the pilot stage was to inspire the community and promote the development of an innovation and undertaking ecosystem.




I realized the critical importance of having an influence over the institution‚Äôs culture to meet the proposed objectives and the difficulty to modify it.  For that reason, I believe it is important to search for and learn how to implement the tools that will allow the management of the change to a given extent.