My work philosophy 

I’m a person with strong political and social convictions; I believe in the people’s potential, in equity, in cooperation and that our society can be improved in many different ways.

In order to achieve the objectives that I have defined for myself, on every project I focus my work in comprehensively understanding the situation or reality involved so as to be able to re-structure it based upon such understanding. Research means to me a transversal process in projects development.  I believe that it is of primary importance since it lets you structure and articulate the solution proposal.  

In the course of the process, I try to create a bond among the various stakeholders in order to reach a proposal that considers them as agents of the change, highlighting their identity, qualities, habits and customs.

For that reason I develop a co-creation process through instances of discussion, meetings, co-work sessions and dynamics letting us project  the various aspects involved in the project from their perspective. I think that this is key for the user to appropriate the project, creating a direct bond that will also allow ongoing iteration and testing. 

In my projects I have worked and collaborated with people of various occupations since I believe that when dealing with a problem the analysis needs to take multiple variables into consideration (economic, geographic, cultural, etc.)  I like working on an interdisciplinary basis to address the problems complexity and integrate various points of view in order to reach an holistic solution. 



“Though my work I endevour to generate appropriation and install new capabilities in the people so that they become empowered at the time of facing new challenges.” 


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Here we are asking Broomfield Park users what they want and need to transform their community.

I successfully designed the 1rst grid of services in Openlab that was built to strengthen the capabilities of scientific and technologic innovation and undertaking among the students of the Faculty.