Plataforma Horizonte


Horizonte is a non-profit yielding organization that supports and promotes the citizens involvement in processes of reconstruction after natural disasters in Chile.



The action of Horizonte

Consists both in developing support devices and tools for the communities and collect and process field information that is disclosed in the format of insights, assignments and visualizations of data in the digital platform for public use in order to effectively articulate the support of the various players who are interested in helping other communities.

The Research

Research on the development of mental health pathologies generated by a natural disaster in Chile.  The research was of ethnographic and qualitative nature.  It was conducted with the affected communities in Iquique after the earthquake of 1 April, 2014.

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The opportunity

The opportunity was to discover that after a natural disaster the communities that were disarticulated rearticulate in collaboration networks.  Such networks are a rehabilitation factor in terms of mental health letting the communities get involved in the process of neighbourhoods reconstruction.

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The action methodology

The action methodology consists of 12 steps that allow the community to manage its problems with its own resources and learn some lessons in the process. Each one of such steps has a fanzine in which activities specific for the intended objective are developed.



The Website

The website was developed with a view to gather people from various environments to provide help.  For that reason, it is focused on different users from the affected communities to the Academy.  Support information, assignments and resources for the communities can be found there.


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The learning 

I learnt that there are very valuable opportunities to improve the life quality in every reality or circumstance and that people have lots of resources to face complex situations that must be assessed and emphasized when designing solutions.

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